Mrs. Pam's Office

Welcome to Kaleidoscope Elementary School. I am so happy that you
have joined our Kodiak Family. I look forward to working with you
during the school year to ensure success for our students.
It is my belief that every child has a special gift that simply needs to
be discovered. It is a great responsibility to help students discover
their gifts and use them to excel, while implementing a lifelong love
of learning. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Children learn in different ways and you will find that every member
of our elementary faculty and staff works tirelessly to provide a
multitude of developmentally appropriate learning experiences
surrounded by a secure environment. We are committed to
empowering our students to reach their highest level of learning,
while promoting good character, positive social interactions and true
confidence in themselves.

I am excited to see the growth and development of our students as
our year progresses.  Please feel free to call or email me to discuss
any concerns you might have throughout the school year.  I welcome
your input.

(850) 785-9995

Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush, it can color any situation. ~ Anonoymous