Families who seek out the services of Kaleidoscope School of Discovery are looking for solutions.  In some cases, the student may just be beginning to show signs of slipping and in others the student may have been struggling for years.

     We recognize that there are many factors which impact a child's learning.  While there are many quality educational programs available, not all can offer the flexibility or individualized approach needed by some individuals.  Because of their previous negative experiences, many of our students have developed a dislike of school and the educational experience.  One of our goals at Kaleidoscope is to create an educational environment that makes students want to attend school.  We seek to accomplish this by offering a relaxed environment and ensuring opportunities for success.

     Success is often something our students have not experienced enough.  In other educational settings, they may fall behind, unable to keep up with their peers.  Once this slipping process begins, it's hard to stop.  In time, students become more and more discouraged and their efforts begin to fade.  It's not difficult to understand the frustration.  If your efforts fail to bring success, it's easy to develop the "why try" way of thinking.

     At Kaleidoscope, students experience success through a variety or approaches.  We seek to challenge students where they are rather than where they "should" be.  In education, there are several specific measures which tell us where a child "should" be performing academically.  If a child is not able to perform at this "expected" level, they need to be presented with work at the level they are able to perform in order to have the opportunity to experience success.

     Sometimes it takes some time for students to develop a renewed desire to learn and invest in their own education.  This is often easier with younger students than those who have experienced multiple years of academic failure.  We seek to find ways to increase motivation, alter student's perception of themselves and their abilities and to develop important life skills such as problem solving and developing healthy relationships with others.