Enrollment Procedures

The Enrollment Process discussed below is a general description of the enrollment process for new students.

The initial contact generally begins with the school receptionist who will gather basic student information in order to determine which school administrator will provide the follow up contact.  Once this information is gathered, it is shared with the appropriate school administrator based on the student's grade level and age.

The school administrator will make the initial phone contact to answer questions and determine if the parent would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting to discuss enrollment appropriateness and options for their child. Parents are asked to bring any relevant information to this meeting such as any psychoeducational assessments/testing results, the student's IEP (if applicable) and any other documentation of the student's needs.

Parent and Student Interview - The initial meeting may be just between the parent and the school administrator or it may include the student.  In any case, a student interview is a required component of the enrollment evaluation process.

Enrollment Review Process

Following the pre-enrollment interview(s), an administrative decision will be made as to the following:

The ability of our school to meet the needs of the student based on the identified student's needs and the services available to be provided by the school.

The student's appropriateness for enrollment based on several factors including academic history, behavioral determinants, expectations of parental involvement and support, etc.

A review of relevant documentation including school records, Individual Educational Plans, Psychoeducational Assessment and Testing Results, etc.

Availability - Due to our commitment to excellence, Kaleidoscope School of Discovery limits enrollment and frequently has a waiting list for enrollment.  If your student is determined to be enrollment eligible and there are no current vacancies, you will be offered the opportunity to be placed on the waiting list.

School Fees and Tuition

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